Tuesday, 19 June 2018

In the Garden With Lauraetta : Potato Tower 2018/06/16

In the garden today as you can see we have a potato tower that I have going.
I didn’t reading up a lot on people with grow bags. The whole concept of a growing bag is to grow vertically using strong,fabric like material. For my grow bag I chose to use a feed bag because it’s cheap: it was lying around and it would’ve probably ended up in the garbage. So I chose something that I could up-cycle.
 I highly recommend that you take a closer look at your waste products. I was living on a farm on an island and in terms of waste management we had a very strict dump site that would only allow the residents of the islands to produce only so much waste. You were only allowed a certain amount of bags each year so I really looked into how I could cut out as much waste product I could. 
 That brings us back to my choice of growing containers for this instance.
To take a useless bag and save it from the trash by re-purposing it ,is doing a great deal to save some trash from the landfill.
 I can probably reuse this grow bag maybe for another 2 to 3 years without having to discard it.
If you want to make Your own potato tower you don’t have to use any fancy products: again look at what you have laying around. You could probably even do the same thing with a bunch of sewn up T-shirts that we’re going to go into the trash anyhow. 
But if you don't have any of these materials then I suggest that you use some landscaping fabric and you can  mold it inside some sort of box made out of wood. That should be good enough to grow all the potatoes you desire. You can score some pallets for this project from almost any urban area -just go around and keep your eyes open around any local hardware store or even grocery store. They might have them out back. Always ask for permission before taking anything.
 I planted my potatoes in the Feed bag around the circumference.
I stacked my potatoes two deep. You could even do 3 to 4 deep and  you could possibly go higher (literally and figuratively skies the limit)
 Just make sure that your potato tower is secure for the weight of the dirt. If your going to build your own tower you’re going to have to make something that will withstand not only the weight of the dirt that is in the bag/ within the tower, but can retain the weight of water that it will saturate the whole tower. 

In The Garden With Lauraetta: Waddle fence inspired Trellis how to 2018 06 19

In this how too video I will show you ,step by step, how to make your own waddle fence inspired trellis- The only real materials you need are the still green tree/bush clippings -preferably strait - and that's it! As long as you know how to braid hair/cordage you are well on your way to supporting all sorts of your plants in your garden for free (most of the time ) if you have any questions ask bellow and I'll get back to you!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Stone Beach Permaculture Broadcast: Ep: 6 WildeKultur

I had the pleasure of interviewing a woman from the Black Forest in Germany about foraging wild food. Nadine and her husband Stefan live in the picturesque Countryside of Europe.

Nadine and her husband can be found on Instagram @wildeKultur

Friday, 15 June 2018

Stone Beach Permaculture Broadcast : Ep.5 Woodland Cravings

I did a fantastic interview with a man from southern Florida his name is Scot and he's from @Woodlandcravings on Instagram. The way I would describe Scot is that he has a spirit that never ages. 

He's just full of life, full of creativity, full of hope and for the new possibilities this world can offer, He Exudes  optimism he's just full of all of the best things in this world can offer if you had put that in one person. From what we talked about I could tell that Scot had an interesting passion for food forests.
 In the link above he will tell you more so about food forests than I could ever tell you and it's an absolute blessing that he's working in unison with colleges, people and students in the area who are also interested in Permaculture.
 Another topic that we also talk about is foraging and how foraging for him came from this primal childhood place. From there it developed into a sustainable way to fill your plate. Not only is foraging completely satisfying to Scott (as well as myself) but it is another way we can all reconnect with what mother nature can provide for us.
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Scot can be found @woodlandcravings on Instagram

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

In The Garden with Lauraetta : 2018 05 23

Today we finally see some great herbs up!

They are very different then the store bought varieties ! My goodness , they are no bigger then a thumb nail and they are so potent already- I dare not pick them but I was tempted to rub the leaves a bit and my goodness- the most beautiful scent of basil and sage bit me in the nose!
You cant argue with these beauties !

Friday, 18 May 2018

In The Garden - 2018-05 -18

 as you Today in the garden has been a sluggish one though the bus basils and chives finally sprouted. But it was the ever growing lettuces that got my attention- one of the brands is the fancy lettuce from stokes seeds.
Don’t they look lovely?
Today was definitely a lesson learned for patience. ( something I struggle with haha.)
 look for the little things!

Like these Asian vegetables that sprouted as well. We are suppose to have bok choy and mitsuba in there somewhere. I would love to be more helpful but this is the first time I have grown such plants. But to be fair that’s the point of having a garden trying out new things and failing until you become the best gardener you know. We are all on the same road here that much can be said.
The last picture is of our strong cucumber seeds- I was thinking maybe a trellis should be built for them in the near future-
They are spreading their first real leaves now- see how structurally different they are?
 I cant wait to share this garden with you for the seasons to come.
And I equally am excited to hear from your own experiences.
Happy gardening-

In the Garden With Lauraetta : Potato Tower 2018/06/16

In the garden today as you can see we have a potato tower that I have going. I didn’t reading up a lot on people with grow bags. The ...